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This plastic bag come with the tote tartan in 2 colors that you can choose the color yer prefer! This bag can use in 2 WAYs.Like a clear palette that need yer put the color by tartan knapsack.
Suites with yer favorite stuffs to drop in and show it out! Yer can carry or hang depend on yer mood of the
day. Features a 2 lil pocket sides for keep yer lil stuffs. Dunt wanna show? Let’s take the tartan knapsack inside to show secure yer stuffs n make yer day more colorful.

*Sale item don’t have the tote tartan knapsack*

All the deets:
100% plastic
– 2 pocket zip side height 6” x wide 5”
– Small pocket at back side height 5.5” x wide 5”
– Line length 37”

Color: Clear


*Please note this item in on CLEARANCE and is not eligible for return or exchange. Also, this item is not eligible for further discounting with any promotion codes.

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